Enjoy your life as an Artist!

Establish the foundations for your art-making,

starting with what you already have in your life!

Have you seen yourself as an artist for a long time, but no one else knows about it?
Did you use to make art at some point in your life and stop?
Or did you recently start having ideas and desires for making art and don’t know where to begin?
Or do you feel bored with or intimidated by art techniques and supplies?
Do you go to art museums and think, “I could do that too?” 
Do you wish you could “just make” whatever you have in your mind and not worry about how you define yourself or about titles, exhibitions, or selling your artwork? 
Do you think making art is simpler (and yet more interesting!) than the convoluted texts about art, the locked-up and impossible-to-participate-in art institutions, and the competitive art market? 
Then join me in “You Are an Artist Too”, an artwork/container/one-week course that will inspire you to start (or re-start) making art by considering what matters the most: Your creativity and curiosity towards life!

In one week, you will ignite your life as an Artist and set the ground for never stopping making art again!

Inside "You Are an Artist Too", you will get: 
A 20-minute course video with the proposition of this work, which includes a mindset shift, a few practical directions on how to start, and where to look for the right tools and clarity → Spoiler: I don’t ask you to buy any art supplies! 
A Workbook with directions to write your Artist Bios (yes, there is more than one!) and to learn the basics of Goal Setting for Art. 
An idea bank with three art prompts that work for any time and that you can modify according to your needs.  
Lifetime access to an ongoing bibliography with references to support your thinking as an artist.
An online space within my website to exhibit one work alongside your peers, if you wish to!
Access to a growing collective of artists who are focusing on making art as a liberatory path for knowledge and pleasure!

You might have dedicated yourself to what feels like the most demanding parts of your life, like making money for a living, raising your children, going to school to get a degree, or you are just trying to figure it all out! I get it. We live in a challenging time in history in which “making art” might sound frivolous and pointless unless you are making it as a “professional artist!” Yet, the truth is that our personal desires are more potent than all external demands, even than all the systems created by capitalism, I dare say! And many of us are walking around hiding our wildest and most beautiful ideas for lack of space to express them! Join "You Are an Artist Too" to create for yourself the time and space to express your ideas and get together with other artists who know the price we all pay for not putting our creativity into action! 

Because of the nature of this work, all sales are final.

Hello! I’m Debora Faccion Grodzki, an artist and art historian. I consciously started making art in 2017 when I noticed the importance of defining myself as an Artist too. Before that, I dedicated my whole adult life to studying art and artists, and I used to have many unrealized desires and ideas for making art. My first memories of knowing myself as an artist go back to when I was nine years old, and I was dreaming about the possibility of creating a specific kind of paint that would have the color and texture of my favorite bubble gum. That wasn’t simply a silly idea; that was a recurrent desire that populated my mind with sculptures, clothes, and house utensils that I would create with such paint that never came into existence! In the 1990s, if I had lived in an art center like New York City, I might have encountered artworks that would provide a context for my dreams. But I lived in a small town in the countryside of Minas Gerais in Brazil, and I had no idea where to start. Add to that the limited definitions that I received of what an artist is – a painter, a musician, maybe a writer – and how one becomes an artist – by going to art school or going crazy, lonely, and poor! – It took me moving to other countries and getting a Ph.D. in Art History to gather enough references and experiences of what being an artist means to finally, confidently say, “I’m an Artist Too!”      

Now that I’m at this point in my life and see the innumerable gains of cultivating my art practice, I want to extend my work to others who, like me, will benefit from having a safe context to express their creative lives. I’ve created You Are an Artist Too to provide you with a starting point – if you need one. You Are an Artist Too is an online place where you can stop and reimagine how you will frame your art-making while knowing that no matter where we are, nowadays, we don’t need to be in New York City or any other city center to access (and make!) excellent and revolutionary art.